Monday, June 10, 2013

161. Learn to Sew

Learn the basics of sewing and you can rescue your clothes and other fabric products. When my daughter was young, she had a favorite stuffed toy. She took it everywhere, she had it since before she was born, it was washed every couple of weeks and it started to develop holes. Instead of throwing it away and buying her something (not the same) new, I hand stitched the holes and they became "love" stitches. She still has the toy and she is almost 18. This is just one example of rescue by sewing! I have rescued many a favorite shirt, sleeping bag, blanket, etc., just from knowing how to sew. I have, also, transformed used dresses into amazing dresses for myself and my daughters, saving the hundreds for a new dress. I have sewn curtains from sheets and other fabric. I have done basic alterations on ill-fitting clothing (for the more complex alterations, I have used a tailor). This skill has probably saved me thousands over the years. If you can take a basic sewing class or have someone you know teach you, it is a valuable skill.

Happy Sewing!

Until Tomorrow!

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