Wednesday, February 6, 2013

37. Exercising at Home

At one time, we joined a gym. We opted to pay for the contract year in advance instead of letting them do the automatic billing from our account. Our entire family was signed up, they had a pool, children's exercise classes, adult classes, machines, personal trainers, all of the bells and whistles; we all went exactly 3 times. What a waste of money. We decided that perhaps a gym membership was not financially viable for our needs. So, we have moved on. We now exercise at home. We have purchased a treadmill and a bike, we have acquired multiple weights, yoga equipment and we have a variety of videos. It has been a challenge to carve out space for our Exercise Room, but we have continued to manage. We find a lot of equipment available on Craig's List or at yard sales. It seems that a number of people purchase exercise equipment with the best of intentions, however, they do not use it for long. Figuring out what exercise program will work best for you is imperative, for your health and your wallet.

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