Sunday, February 3, 2013

34. Making your own Valentine's Decorations

When our children were young we started making our own Valentine's Day decorations. This is much cheaper and way more fun than buying ready-made decorations. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, you can find a lot of them online. Here is one of my favorites; it is a challenge, but worth it. If you like
paper weaving it will be right up your alley:

Woven Paper Heart Pocket:

Matterials - 2 sheets of colored paper (different colors works best)
                  Paper cutter (optional)

Step 1: cut the paper in half lengthwise.

Step 2: fold the paper in half along the
short edge.
Step 3: cut evenly spaced slits on folded edge
stopping approximately one inch from the top
edge, on both sheets. You may have to use the scissors
to even out your cuts. (You want to make certain that your
cuts are long enough to incorporate the width of the other

Step 4: begin weaving- the first strip will go around, then inside,
then around, then inside, continue until the strip is completely
woven through. Repeat with the next strip, working the strips
to the next spot until all strips are woven. This can be frustrating,
so stay calm and move gently so as not to rip the paper.
(I have also found that felt and other non fraying fabrics work
well for this and are more difficult to tear.)

Step 5: even out all of the strips to create a woven pocket.

Step 6: your woven heart should be a pocket to hold your
Valentine's treats.

Step 7: Add decorations as desired!

Here are some sites to check for other ideas:

Here is a place to download a free book of Valentine's crafts:

Until Tomorrow!

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